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Carnivals have become a great tradition in many towns and cities across the country. With the flashing lights, budding crowds, extravagant attractions, and delicious foods, it’s no wonder why it is one of the favorite go-to spots for individuals and families alike. What makes carnivals so great is the fact that they cater to so many different ages and tastes in entertainment. In this blog, we will be discussing the best attractions for various age groups, so that the whole family can seek whatever entertainment sought after through a carnival-style event.

Here at Celebration Source, we offer a one-stop-shop for all the resources and attractions needed to throw the ultimate party carnival! We handle all event planning from the initial call to the last minute of celebration. Read on to learn more about some of the best attractions we offer for various ages and be sure to contact us with any general or booking inquiries!

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Children Below the Age of 12

Often times, children below the age of 12 are too young or small to experience some of the faster rides that we offer. These include many (but not all) of our mechanical rides. To generate some of the same excitement that is achieved in these rides, but with added safety benefits, we find that one of the most enjoyable attractions for the little ones are our inflatable rides and bouncers! These attractions provide children with the activity that they require in their daily life, while still allowing them to safely enjoy the carnival. This will help them exude excess energy and be susceptible to crashing once you return home safely.

Teenagers (13-18)

When it comes to teenagers these days, everything is a competition. From school, to athletics, to the need for gratification from social media, everything is documented and remembered. Because of this, we find that one of the more popular attractions for this demographic is our carnival games! At these sites, teenagers can compete amongst each other to be the best at games such as basketball shooting or ring toss. This can help their budding relationships (winning a stuffed toy for a classmate, crush, or significant other), and strengthen the healthy competition that they hold outside of carnival-type events. 

Young Adults (19-30)

During the young adult stage in most of our lives, we are more prepped and trained to be risk-takers. Because of this, we find that young adults are ready, willing, and able to properly experience some of our larger mechanical rides. This includes some of our high-speed swings, roller coasters, and topsy-turvy rides. These rides are not for the faint of heart (or for those who do not meet the minimum height requirement) as they can become intense to many individuals. That being said, young adults can experience the fear, rush, and thrill of these rides, pushing each other to the limits of adrenaline. We personally find it enjoyable to see some of the individuals with terrified, grimaced faces stand in line before the ride, and then the pure smile and excitement on their faces once they get off the ride and immediately want another go at it!

Adults (31+)

At a typical carnival, adults are generally in a chaperone role, as they may have children to take care of and make sure they have the experience that was sought after. Because of this, adults are often deprived of the thrill-seeking and competitive nature that slightly younger attendees can thrive off of. For adults that experience this kind of restriction, the best attraction is the food! Carnival food is delicious and can elevate any experience to one of bliss. Whether you are supervising your little ones at the carousel, or just sitting back and people watching, carnival food will make your body full and happy throughout the day and night!

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