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Why Choose a Carnival for Your Next Party or Event!

Are you planning a great party, corporate event, fundraiser, or school event? Are you struggling to find the perfect theme that will bring people together, appeal to everyone, and be easy to pull off? If you haven’t considered a carnival theme, you need to start looking at our amazing gallery of ferris wheels, rides, games, and fun inflatables to get inspired! A carnival theme can be great for any occasion, read on to find out more!


All Ages

While certain themes might only appeal to the younger crowd (Disney princesses, dinosaurs, or yet another kid’s TV character), a carnival is great for all ages! Both kids and adults love our mechanical rides, inflatables, and amazing party games. A carnival is magical and mesmerizing for a very young child, and adults will love the nostalgia that comes from revisiting a carnival experience. Carnival games and rides are fun to just watch, so if you aren’t feeling adventurous you can still have a great time. It can be really difficult to find a party theme that is universally appealing, but a carnival is perfect! If you have experienced the trouble of finding an event that engages young kids and holds the interest of adults, a carnival is a great solution! If you are looking to plan an event that will allow kids, parents, young adults, and seniors to all have a great time, you need a carnival!


As we just mentioned, adults love the nostalgia that comes with a carnival. This feeling can help make your next event a success, and can keep smiles on everyone’s faces! Familiar attractions like the our giant Fun Slide will get everyone excited as soon as they spot it! The climb up the stairs, the burlap sacks, and the thrill of zooming down and racing your friends never loses its appeal! Likewise, our giant Ferris Wheel is a carnival icon, and can be seen from far away, making your event really stand out! At night, the Ferris Wheel lights up with a beautiful blue star! Other crowd favorites include the swings, the Scrambler, and the classic funhouse that both kids and adults delight in! Eating a large cotton candy, or having a snow cone complete the nostalgic feeling, and give you that experience that transports you away from the everyday. Give your guests a great dose of nostalgia with a carnival for your next event!



Let’s face it, planning and setting up a party can be a ton of work. It can be so overwhelming that you don’t even get to enjoy yourself when it is all said and done because you are so focused on making sure everything’s running smoothly. When you choose Celebration Source, you are choosing a one-stop shop for fun! Not only can we provide the rides, inflatables, and amazing carnival party games, but we also can take care of the food, and provide you with clowns, DJs, and even stilt walkers! Don’t run all over town trying to coordinate the decorations, the entertainment, the food, and activities for younger guests. We can handle all of it—our friendly staff are all professionally trained, creative, and dedicated to making you happy! With a carnival, the decorating is a cinch—our rides, games, and food set the mood and get everyone into the carnival atmosphere. Each of our attendants will make sure that your ride experience is safe and fun, leaving you time to talk with all of your guests and have a great time! If you are looking to plan a large event, don’t be intimidated! With Celebration Source we walk you through the entire process, from the initial phone call to the setup of your event, we are there to answer your questions and ensure you have an amazing experience!

Budget Friendly

With so many options available at Celebration Source, we can accommodate all budgets and wish lists! The benefit of choosing a one-stop shop for your next event is that we have access to all of the vendors and performers that you may want for your party, and we can create a package that is within your budget and your needs. Our inflatables are a great example of a budget activity that both kids and adults love and are easy to set up, operate, and provide hours of fun! Carnival food is also extremely affordable, but so delicious! Think about having snow cones, cotton candy, caramel apples, or a hot dog stand at your next event! These food items are not elaborate, but everyone loves them and they transport most adults back to the wonder of their first carnival or midway. Trying to DIY your entire party can end up being expensive in the end because you are piecing together so many different vendors, and spending so much time doing it. Save time and money when you choose Celebration Source! Get a custom quote today to find out how affordable the carnival can be!


While everyone has probably been to a carnival, they are still events that inspire nostalgia, excitement, and are different than your everyday party. If you are looking for a way to create excitement, celebrate your company, or host an unforgettable fundraiser, a carnival is sure to make a great impression! A carnival allows you an amazing theme to promote your event, and if you continue to host a carnival each year you will definitely gain a following! No one wants to go to another boring event with the same old food and the same old small talk. Get your guests excited with a carnival that allows everyone to get involved, play games, and have a blast! If your employees need a boost of company morale, a carnival provides a great opportunity to have fun together, do team building, and socialize outside of the office. We even offer our amazing Lunch Crunch package that allows you to have a taste of the carnival experience over your employee’s lunch break! We bring the games and inflatables to your workplace, and provide your employees with a great, unique way to bond and build morale. If you really want your event to stand out, you need something that is different than all the rest. You need a carnival from Celebration Source!

Endless Options

One of the best things about choosing Celebration Source is the endless amount of options that we offer! You aren’t forced to have just one type of event, and our games, rides, and inflatables can be customized to fit your exact party needs. Maybe you want the biggest rides that provide the most excitement and speed—our Mind Winder or G-Force are sure to get the adrenaline pumping! If you are looking for something a little more relaxed, sit back and enjoy a magic show put on by one of our talented performers, or enjoy some arts and crafts with sand art, wax hand creating, or picking out your favorite temporary tattoos! Of course, no party is complete without some great music to set the stage and keep everyone excited—our DJs are the best in the business and can keep your crowd engaged! Celebration Source has 60 years of experience bringing the joy of carnivals to all sorts of events, and we are happy to be able to offer you so many amazing options!


Whether you are trying to plan your next college event to engage your students, or celebrate your community in a special way, a carnival is a sure bet for fun, excitement, and a memorable experience! Celebration Source is proud to offer our carnival rides and games to the Delray Beach, West Miami, and Hollywood areas, and we would love to help you with your next event! From the moment you call, our friendly staff will help you find a package that is perfect for your budget and desires! If you are looking to make your next event extra-special, choose a carnival!