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The Best Carnival Food Options

Carnivals are a great source of entertainment for the whole family. With numerous rides, games, and attractions, there can be something for almost anybody. When you need to take a break from the action or are simply the bystander of the family, one of the best attractions to keep you occupied is the food choices.

Carnivals and amusement parks are known to have some of the most creative and guilt-ridden foods on the planet. With so many options to fuel you up, it can often be hard to know which items to purchase. And because of the generous portions offered, you won’t generally find the need to try several different menu options. In this post, we will be going over some of the best carnival food options, so that you can know exactly how you’re going to plan your meal at the upcoming carnival.


When it comes to entrees at a carnival, the options are generally favorable to meat-eaters and those who enjoy things fried. While some carnivals get away with putting healthy alternative options into their menus, that’s not what we’re here to discuss.

One all-time favorite carnival entree is the beloved corn dog. The corn dog pairs a hot dog, a stick, and fried battered dough together to create a delicious meal that can be enjoyed with one free hand. It has been one of the staples of concession food for a long time, and there are clear reasons why. The best reason, and everybody’s favorite part? The crispy part that meets the edge of the stick at the bottom of the hot dog.

Desserts: Fried

The best part of any carnival menu is the enticing dessert options it brings. With all of the fried treats like Oreos, churros, doughnuts, and more, it can be hard to nail down a favorite. Of all the options offered, one remains tried and true through almost every carnival event.

Our top pick for fried carnival desserts is none other than the funnel cake. Funnel cakes are stringy fried dough pieces somewhat remnant of a doughnut, with a little added crisp. On top of that, they can be topped with chocolate drizzles, strawberries, or the ever-popular powdered sugar. It is a classic dessert option that has stood the test of time at almost all events.

Desserts: General

While this post is seeming to be the best fried foods offered at a carnival, not everything has to be battered to be delicious. Many desserts at carnivals are not fried at all, and still remain delicious. These include cotton candy, kettle corn, and ice cream. The best dessert without being fried though has to be the simple and classic snow cone.

Shaved ice, better known as snow cones, are mounds of crushed up ice with flavored juices to add appeal and color into the treat. The reason that this tops our list is because of the customization that can go behind each snow cone. With each color representing a flavor, you can make your own rainbow of tastes! And because carnivals are typically hosted during the summer or warmer weather, snow cones help keep you cool while enjoying the taste.

Carnival Food & Attractions With Celebration Source

Don’t forget about the food and drink! Make sure there are plenty of food options as well as beverages for everyone who is attending. Nothing will end the party earlier than hungry guests leaving to find food. When they have lots of great options right there at your event, they are much more likely to stay longer, spend more, and have a better time. Celebration Source can help with all of your carnival food, as well! Just ask about our delicious snow cones, candy apples, popcorn carts, grilled chicken, or even our chocolate fountains!

Carnival Food & Attractions With Celebration Source

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