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Lunch Crunch!

Are your employees needing a break? Do you want to find ways to boost company morale, increase productivity, or facilitate team building? Celebration Source’s Lunch Crunch is the answer! We bring food, games, and fun to your employee’s lunch break for an afternoon of fun activities! Read on for all the great benefits Lunch Crunch can bring to your company!


If you are looking for ways that your employees can come together and work on their communication while having fun, our Lunch Crunch is perfect! Your

employees will get to eat our delicious carnival food, and participate in a variety of fun games. When your employees play games together, barriers are broken

down and group participation results in employees getting to know other employees they don’t usually work with. Celebrate successes and come together as a company with our great Lunch Crunch packages. Companies that invest in their employees coming together outside of regular work reap the benefits!


Breaks Make Better Workers

It is easy to get caught up in the workday, eat lunch in a hurry at your desk, and feel drained when you get home. Taking breaks has been proven to actually increase productivity, and help employees feel more satisfied at work. A study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign shows that taking brief diversions can drastically improve your focus and help you with work tasks. Help your employees to be able to take a break by providing them with the fun and games of our Lunch Crunch. Even those people that think they don’t need a break will be pleasantly surprised, because breaks can fuel creativity. A Lunch Crunch break will also get your body moving, and if you have office workers who sit at a desk all day this can really benefit their productivity and get the blood flowing. A lunchtime break is also perfect to stave off the afternoon energy slump, and changing the scenery might be all you need to come back to your work refreshed and focused. So give your employees the breaks they deserve, and let Celebration Source bring the lunchtime fun to your company!

Attract New Talent

Adding in fun activities can help your employees feel appreciated, and incentivize them to stay with your company. Another added perk is that being known as a “fun” company can help attract new talent. Word spreads about the culture of a company, and if you are known as one that prioritizes employee’s well being through teambuilding and fun, prospective employees will take notice. Every employer knows that having a good reputation is essential for employee retention and to attract future employees. Make your company stand out with fun activities such as the Lunch Crunch.


So if you are looking for a great way to boost morale in your company, and help your employees work better and enjoy their workday more, you need to look into Celebration Source’s Lunch Crunch. We bring the fun to you, and all your employees need to do is show up! We are your source for party games and entertainment services in Hollywood, Florida for over 25 years—call us today!