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How Party Performers Take Your Kid’s Event to the Next Level

Kids events are some of our favorite events to coordinate in Hollywood, FL! That’s because a great party is something a child will remember forever, and we love setting up and creating events that they’ll remember the rest of their lives. One of the things we recommend event planners do for their children’s events is hiring party entertainments such as clowns, face painters, magicians, and more. This can really take a party from typical to extraordinary!


Why Hire Professional Party Entertainments for Your Event?

They know how to engage children.

Not all children are automatically ready to jump right into all the excitement of a big event! Having a professional party entertainer there can help. They can identify shy children and encourage them to engage with all the games and activities. You’d be amazed at how a friendly clown or someone dressed as their favorite character can bring a child out of their shell and get them excited about what’s going on at the party.

It creates more excitement.

Games are fun. Carnival food is delicious. But there is something that’s absolutely magical about a great entertainer! Having a magician’s show can get children (and parents!) excited and encourage them to stay longer. And you’ll never forget the look on a child’s face when they spot Batman across the fairway for the first time! Party entertainers keep the excitement going even when kids aren’t riding on a ride or playing one of our games.

They encourage children to play together.

Kids have a great time bonding with other kids at our events. Our party entertainment can really help make that happen! Whether they are watching a clown create balloon animals together or sharing their experiences meeting a friendly mermaid for the first time, our entertainers give children something to talk about with each other. It’s a great way to start some new friendships!


They can help guide children.

We never want an event to feel disorganized or chaotic! That’s why our entertainers help guide children and parents from one activity to the next. A magician might encourage people to visit the face painters next, or Batman might help point out that carnival game they’ve been searching for all day. Whatever it is, party entertainments can double as a guide to help keep things organized and make sure your guests don’t miss out on any of the fun.

It’s more fun for adults, too!

When kids are having fun, adults feel more free to have fun, too! When kids are having a great time at an event, adults will be willing to spend a little more time there so their little ones get to do everything. Plus, even an adult can smile at a magic show! Our face painters are happy to paint adult faces, too, so everyone can get in on the fun. It’s fun to watch adults get in touch with their inner child!

Are you ready to take your children’s event to the next level? We have the party entertainments that you need in Hollywood, FL! Get in touch with us today to learn more.