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Holiday Carnivals!

Well, it is getting a little bit chillier out there now that summer has wound down and winter is waiting for us just around the corner. Okay, here in Southeast Florida this only means that the temperature will be going down by a few degrees. We have to admit that we’re pretty darn lucky when it comes to weather! But this time of the season also means that it’s time to start getting ready for the holidays! The ghouls and witches are preparing themselves to give the community a fright, then comes the time to enjoy some turkey and family time, while Santa soars in on his sleigh after that, and then we all get to celebrate the new year!

Are you excited? Because we certainly are! While candy, delicious meals, family time, and presents are certainly great in their own right, why not take the holidays to the next level this year?

  1. Throw a party
  2. Make it a carnival!

No matter what the holiday may be, or if you would like to throw a huge party for every one of them, you can rest assured that everyone who attends will have the time of their lives! In this blog post, we’re going to be providing you with just a few suggestions that you can do for each holiday. So if you’re ready to order the best carnival party rentals in Southeast Florida or have any questions for our event specialists, then please make sure to contact Celebration Source today!



Halloween just might be our favorite holiday here at Celebration Source (don’t tell the others!). We love seeing all of the unique and fun costumes at the events that we throw, and we have so many rentals that are perfect for the holiday, no matter the age of your guests. For the little ones, we have a variety of inflatable bounce houses including the spooky Frankie Bouncer, our pirate-themed bouncer, or even our Royal Castle Bouncer! Choose one that matches your event’s theme or just choose one at random because if there is one thing that we know for sure it’s that the kids will have a blast no matter which bounce house you choose!

For the older attendees, we have rides that you can rent that will definitely give you a fright! This includes the Fireball roller coaster, our 100-foot Zip Line, the Ferris Wheel, and so much more! Make sure that you browse through all of our mechanical rides to find the ones that you need for your Halloween extravaganza!

To really take your event to the next level, be sure to hire some of our performers for the party! Clowns are a must for this time of the year, and we also have magicians, mimes, caricaturists, and even characters like Batman, Mickey, Princess Elsa and more. If you or one of your guests forgot their costume, we’ve got a solution for that too! Our skilled face painters will be able to transform you into whatever you want!



Thanksgiving is a time to get together with loved ones, enjoy each other’s company, make a list of things that we are thankful for, and, of course, eat some delicious food. Why not add some fun family competition to the mix? Here at Celebration Source, we have a wide range of indoor and outdoor party games that will be enjoyed by all of the members of your family. See who has the best arm with our Quarterback Toss game or who can stay on our mechanical bull the longest.

While we are big fans of turkey and stuffing, and in no way recommend skipping the Thanksgiving meal this year, why not treat yourself to some mouth-watering carnival food as well? We’ve got it all, from candy apples and cotton candy to hotdogs and popcorn, who doesn’t love carnival food?


Christmas is such a magical time of the year and, as we all know, is a favorite amongst the kids! Why not make it the best Christmas yet by celebrating with a carnival?! The children in your community will be more than ecstatic to go on rides, eat some carnival food, get their face painted and so much more! We even have a few event rentals that will go perfect for the season including the Winter Log Cabin bounce house, our Toy Town Toddler Center, and oh so much more! If you have any suggestions or have any questions, then please feel free to reach out to us, and let our event specialists do what they do best by throwing you an unforgettable Christmas carnival!

You don’t have to stop there! Ring in the new year like never before by throwing your very own carnival, or just have an event just because! Being event rental specialists in Southeast Florida, we are committed to helping make your event one for the books! If you have any questions or are ready to start planning, then make sure that you contact Celebration Source today!