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3 Hot Carnival Games for Your Next Event

A lot of organizations contact Celebration Source for their charity fundraiser. This is a great way to bring in more people and more money for the charity of your choice! Because we’ve been serving clients across the United States for so many decades, we know that the key to bringing in more money for your charity is to keep people entertained for as long as possible. We have a huge selection of carnival games, performers, inflatables and more right here in Hollywood, FL to get the job done. Here are three carnival games that are a must-have at your next fundraiser.

We Offer These Must-Have Carnival Games (and More!)

Fun Slide

The fun slide is the perfect thrill ride for people of all ages at your next event! Parents and kids both love the fun slide and they can turn it into an exciting competition as they race each other down the slide. We’ll make sure the Fun Slide is set up correctly and that all safety rules are followed as guests of all ages participate in this fun activity.

Ferris Wheel

It might not be a game, but it’s sure to be a hit. No carnival is complete without a Ferris wheel! Parents and grandparents will want to ride on the Ferris wheel to remember the carnivals they attended as kids. Kids will want to ride it to make their own memories. Not only is the Ferris wheel a sure-fire hit for your carnival, it’s also great advertising! People will see the giant wheel in the air from miles around and want to know what’s going on at your event.

Bumper Cars

Get the party started with the addition of bumper cars! These fast and furious cars are great for those seeking a thrill at your event. Our bumper cars manage to be safe without sacrificing the fun and your guests will want to take more than one turn out on the bumper car floor. We’ll make sure that the bumper cars are set up and ready to roll for your event.

And a Bonus Tip About Making Your Carnival a Success…

Don’t forget about the food and drink! Make sure there are plenty of food options as well as beverages for everyone who is attending. Nothing will end the party earlier than hungry guests leaving to find food. When they have lots of great options right there at your event, they are much more likely to stay longer, spend more, and have a better time. Celebration Source can help with all of your carnival food, as well! Just ask about our delicious snow cones, candy apples, popcorn carts, grilled chicken, or even our chocolate fountains!


Ready to take your fundraising event to a new level? Then it’s time to call Celebration Source. We have everything you need to make your fundraiser successful, including carnival games, food, entertainers and so much more. Just get in touch with us by giving us a call or contacting us through our website today.